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Welcome to the Military Role Play Wiki.If you want to do anything from a remake of the bombing of Pearl Harbor to a World War III.Just create a page.Battles go in their war forum.And have a good time.Hpsuperfan.

Some Quick WordsEdit

I have some quick things I think are important. First:The exact date of role play is 02 15 2019 unless it's a remake of something (e.g. a remake of The Bombing of Pearl Harbor the date would be 7 December, 1941). Second: We have word bubbles. Please go to User talk:Hpsuperfan for help making one. Third:Please use correct gramer and spelling. Fourth: I'm going to go ahead and say I make a lot of side notes that are usually not important.

A Message From the FounderEdit

Hello I'm Hpsuperfan.I don't have much to say except have fun.

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